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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you charge for investigations?

A: NOTHING! PIM does not believe in charging for helping people. We don't charge anything for an investigation and everything it entails. PIM does accept tax deductible donations that we will put towards our website costs, but never for an investigation. Donations are never expected!

We also have public events from time to time to raise funds where we will conduct a guided investigation of a known haunted location which is open to the public for a fee.

Q: Will you investigate my property?

A: PIM is always open to investigating new places. However, investigations are very time consuming and we want to ensure that an investigation is warranted. Please see the "Five Steps of an Investigation" tab to learn more.

PIM is a debunk-first group, meaning we are going to look for normal explanations for the activity you are reporting. This doesn't mean that we don't believe you, it is just a fact that many normal things are mistaken for paranormal activity. It is PIM's job to separate normal from paranormal and we are going to do our best to do just that. It is important that any perspective clients are open to the possibility that their home or business may not be haunted. PIM wants to find out the truth, and we are going to give you our honest opinion of what we think is going on.

PIM will ALWAYS help those who need it and no matter what if you contact us for an investigation we will get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

Q: When do you do investigations and how long do they take?

A: Investigations are mainly conducted on Friday or Saturday nights unless the client requires something else. This is mainly because we all work during the week and it is hard to do an investigation and get up for work the next day. Investigations usually start around 7:00 pm and go until 2:00 am on average, although each investigation is different.

Q: Do I get anything after the investigation is complete?

A: PIM generates a report for every investigation that we conduct. This report details everything PIM did during the investigation along with any personal experiences. The report also includes the baseline readings we took during the investigation. This report is also put online unless the client explicitly asks us not to post it. The report never has identifying information in it to help protect the privacy of our clients and PIM has a strict Confidentiality Policy preventing any PIM members from discussing the case outside of the group unless the client releases us to do so. PIM also gives a copy of any evidence found to the client as well.

PIM believes a report is very important to accurately document what was done on an investigation and is very useful for any other investigative groups that may investigate the location afterward. Any professional paranormal team will generate a report for each investigation they do.

Q: Can I join your team?

A: PIM is always looking for good investigators but there is a lot that goes into what PIM does. PIM has very carefully selected the people who make up the group. Group dynamic is very important and PIM's methods for choosing new members are why it has existed for over 5 years. PIM does paranormal investigation very different than you see on TV and very different than most other groups. Many people consider how we investigate a lot like work. We have fun doing what we do, but we all know there is a job to be done on every investigation and keeping that focus is paramount. If you are passionate about doing paranormal investigation and have a lot of free time, PIM encourages you to apply by visiting the Membership tab and filling out an application.

A Public Service Announcement to the General Public:

You have the right to choose any team that you want to come into your home and investigate, including any team that is listed on our site, however, the paranormal research field is still in its infancy. There are no real definitive facts when it comes to the paranormal. Most of the claims made within this field are solely based on assumption or belief. There is absolutely no proof that ghosts, spirits, demons, etc exist. Before you choose a team to come to your home if you suspect you have paranormal type activity, please be aware of the following;

  • No team can guarantee any removal of any entity of activity. We cannot prove it exists let alone how to remove it.
  • No team should ever charge you to investigate and research at your location. Until the paranormal can be proven as a real phenomena and we learn how to prevent or understand it, no team should charge for services that cannot be verified.
  • Most phenomena can be explained through natural means, and investigators should always ensure that your experiences are genuine and not explainable. This should be done through rigorous testing and controlled methods. If they agree that your experiences are paranormal without ever stepping foot into your home, please look for another team.
  • Due to the fact that ghosts, spirits, demons, etc have not been proven to exist and that we do not fully understand whether or not there are differences between them, no team should tell you that you have spirits, ghosts, or demons in your home. This is a belief based assumption, not an actual proven fact.
  • Orbs, mists, etc are not paranormal based evidence. Unless it has been proven otherwise through science, those photos are nothing more than moisture, dust, bugs, or particles. If a team showcases their evidence that features any of these, they cannot help you find a truthful answer to your experiences. Please seek another team.
  • Psychics and mediums, despite our best efforts, have not been proven to be accurate or effective during an investigation or during research. until science can prove that psychics and mediums can provide substantial proof of their abilities, please be wary of these claims as well.
  • There is currently no nationally recognized entity or sanction that certifies paranormal investigators. Do not allow a certified paranormal team be a deciding factor when choosing a team to investigate your home. Many certifications that are out there for researchers provide false and misleading information to the investigators, which then spills into the general public and their investigations with you. Please be cautious with teams that claim to be certified. There is no such thing.
  • Many teams claim to be scientific in nature. This is a new ploy by many teams that are just starting out. Unfortunately, you will need to use your best judgement on this one. Utilize the previous points above to make an overall assessment.

Five Steps of an Investigation

  1. Questionnaire/Initial Interview:

    We give all perspective clients a Questionnaire over the phone before we visit their location. The Questionnaire normally takes about 15-20 minutes to administer. The Questionnaire is dual purpose. It allows us to gather information about the claims of activity before visiting the location as well as determine if the perspective client really needs our help or not. Safety of our members is paramount so we need to ensure that the environment we are entering will be safe and stable.

    We also need to determine if the reported activity may stem from mental illness, or drug/alcohol abuse. Many people think they are experiencing paranormal activity when under the influence of drugs (whether legally prescribed or not) or alcohol.

    Based on the Questionnaire we make a determination if a site visit is warranted or not. We may ask a perspective client to journal activity for a few weeks and report back if we don't think the type of activity reported warrants an investigation. If PIM decides a site visit is needed, we will set up a mutually acceptable time and date to come to your location.

    The Initial Interview takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete. During the site visit we will take baseline readings of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) and if available bring a group sensitive with to do a reading of the location. If a client would not like a sensitive there that is always fine. We will also tour the location so we can see the size and where the reported activity has occurred. This helps us plan for a future investigation. Finally, we will interview any witnesses to paranormal activity so we can obtain a first-hand account of things that have transpired. This allows us to ask any clarifying questions that can help us better plan for an investigation or determine possible normal explanations for what occurred.

    After completing the Initial Interview, PIM will make a decision as to whether an investigation is warranted or not. If an investigation is needed, PIM will discuss possible times for the investigation and explain what the investigation would entail.

  2. Historical Research:

    After PIM has decided to do an investigation of your property we will then conduct historical research on the location. If you are aware of any history at your property concerning past owner's or tragic events that may have occurred there PIM would be very interested in knowing these things during the Initial Interview. These clues will give us a direction to which we can focus our efforts when looking up the history of your location.

    Many times it is impossible to confirm historically reported deaths or events at a location but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. PIM is mainly looking for clues that might explain why there is activity at your property. PIM also utilizes trigger objects during their investigations. Trigger objects are items that PIM thinks that any spirits there may be familiar with and thus make them more apt to interact with us during the investigation. If you have any items that you think might work as a trigger object please let PIM know!

  3. Investigation:

    PIM normally arrives for investigations between 6:00 and 7:00 pm, but PIM may set a different time depending on the location. This will be discussed and agreed upon before the investigation date. PIM normally investigates until 2:00 am but may want to continue the investigation longer if activity is occurring. Again, this will be agreed upon ahead of time and client schedules are always taken into account when planning investigations. PIM will generally request any pets be removed from the location if at all possible and no more than one person responsible for the property is present during the investigation. Limiting the number of people at an investigation increases the chances of obtaining genuine evidence of what is going on. PIM will limit how many investigators they bring to ensure this as well. For every additional person from the property at the investigation PIM has to bring one less investigator.

    PIM will begin setup of equipment immediately if we have already been to the location. If we have not, we will first get a tour of the location as to where the activity is located and then begin equipment setup. After setup and baseline readings have been taken, we will shut off all the lights and begin investigating. PIM may request to turn off power to the location to remove excess EMF or block up windows that excess light may come through. The client can always decline for these things to occur.

    Once the investigation is concluded PIM will pack up their equipment and return the location how they found it before leaving.

  4. Evidence Review:

    PIM will start going through evidence from the investigation with a few days of the investigation. PLEASE BE PATIENT! PIM uses a lot of audio and video recording equipment during any given investigation. As an example, for a single 6 hour investigation if we have 4 cameras and 6 digital recorders we will have 60 hours of evidence to review. We all have full time jobs and families that we need to attend to so those 60 hours of time need to come from our free time in order to get this accomplished. Rest assured we are going through the evidence as quickly as possible while still ensuring we aren't missing anything. On average, it will take two weeks to get through a single 6-8 hour investigation and one month for a 2-day investigation. Once we have completed evidence review we will generate a report for the investigation.

  5. Final Report/Client Follow-up

    PIM generates a report for every investigation we conduct regardless if we obtain evidence from that investigation or not. This report will document what we did during the investigation from the time we arrived until the time we leave. If we do obtain evidence, a copy will be included with the report. We generally email these reports to our clients but we can come and meet with the client to go over the report if they would prefer. We always encourage our clients to ask any questions they might have about the report. The most important thing perspective clients should know is that once we give you the report that isn't the last you will hear from PIM. We are always there to answer any new questions that come up or if activity increases. PIM is just an email or phone call away. Our clients are important to use and we won�t leave you hanging.

If you have any questions about any of the information above please feel free to email Noah at