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NOTE: PIM recommends these books to help futher educate you about the field of paranormal investigation. These books cover topics ranging from the history of paranormal investigation, to how psychics work, to techniques in paranormal investigation. There is even a great book on how many cryptozoology claims got started.

Each picture is linked to where you can purchase this book if you would like to. Some of these books are hard to find or a little pricey, so PIM suggests you check your local library if you are interested in reading them. However, we feel that reading any of these books will be time well spent.

- An article describing what pareidolia is and how it can be mistaken for paranormal events or sightings.

How EMF Can Cause Humans To Hallucinate 
- An article describing how EMF fields can cause people to hallucinate.

Pre-Ghost Hunting Tips 
- An article with some things you need to remember if you are going to go ghost hunting.

Capturing Successful Photos & EVP Recordings 
-An article describing the proper way to record EVP's and take photos on an investigation.

Shadow People

The Grim Reaper

Ghost Hunting and the Weather
- An article describing how the weather can play a role in ghost hunting.

The Nature of Ghosts
- An article describing the theories behind how ghosts manifest.

Investigation Procedure
- Investigation Procedure that I drafted and currently use. Feel free to use it for your own investigations or simply use it as a starting point and modify it to fit your needs. Everyone has their own methods that work best for them.


Please let me know if any of these links are old or do not work by e-mailing me at Also if you have any other books you would like to suggest please forward them to the same e-mail.