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This page is dedicated to the wealth of evidence that didn't make the cut. Rest assured, this is NOT faked or contrived evidence. This is genuine evidence that we could not come to a consensus in the group if it was legitimately paranormal or something explainable. After some discussion, we decided to have a section of our website dedicated to this evidence to let the public decide what they think it is. This is not going to result in our changing our minds, but will let you see what didn't make the cut.

We would like you to comment on any of the clips listed here and let us know if you agree with us not including them or not. If you have alternative explanations than what we came up with, we would like that information too. If you would like to comment, please go to our forums page and look for the "Evidence? You Decide" topic. Please list the clip name and number when you comment so we know what you are referring to. We hope to hear from you soon! If you have questions you can email Noah at

09/02/12 Private Residence
10:19 pm in the Dining Room:

Missy was sitting in the Living Room, John in the Family Room, Noah in the Dining Room, and Gravy in the Kitchen of a private residence in Racine. Suddenly, a Mel-Vibe that was set up in the Living Room went off followed shortly by a clicking sound. John and Gravy did not hear the click, but Noah and Missy did. John could see Missy and stated she did not move to cause the Mel-Vibe to go off. Noah investigated where the click noise came from and could not find a cause for it. The noise was not asked for, but the combination of a vibration detection and an audible noise made us pause in throwing this out as evidence. However, the majority of the group was not convinced and so it ended up here. What do you think?

04/14/12 Mansfield Reformatory
10:57 pm room off of toilet room:

Noah, Karen, and John are in the room. Karen is standing a couple of feet back from some metal stairs. As Noah pans to the left you can hear something hit the stairs and then bounce three times on the cement floor. Karen thought Noah or John had kicked something into the stairs and Noah thought that Karen had hit the stairs with her camera. Unfortunately, although we had three camera angles, none of them captured the object in flight so we don't know where it came from. Hence, we weren't able to call it evidence. What do you think?

03/23/12 Riverside Theater
8:11 pm in the Light Booth:

Footsteps were captured on a recorder in the Light Booth. There were about 20 people there at the time investigating, although the camera in the room did not show anyone in that room. The door to the room was closed as was the door at the bottom of the stairs. This clip was not included because it was not certain for sure that no one was on the 4th Floor and the footsteps may have come from there. PIM is planning on checking this next time we investigate Riverside Theater. What do you think?

03/23/12 Riverside Theater
10:01 pm in Light Booth:

Strange light anomaly captured in the Light Booth and the Riverside Theater. This has not been accepted as evidence because there were people there with flashlights that may have shined them into the booth from the Stage area which reflected into the spot light and onto the inside wall of the booth. We are waiting until we can test this the next time we investigate there. What do you think?

02/24/12 Public School
7:31 pm in Rm 120:

Male voice clearly saying "I told you to get out of here." This has not been included as evidence because it was only captured on one piece of equipment as all others were just being started when this was captured. Since there is no way to cross check this piece of evidence, we decided not to include it. Also, there were many untrained investigators present that we can't ask if this was them. Although the investigators there don't recall anyone saying this, there is no guaruntee that it wasn't said by a living person and just not noticed or remembered. What do you think?